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Team Enterprise Challenge 2019/20 

Together for Mental Health

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Brief introduction

Most children grow up mentally healthy, but surveys suggest that more children and young people have problems with their mental health today than 30 years ago. That’s probably because of changes in the way we live now and how that affects the experience of growing up. The emotional wellbeing of children and young people is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health allows young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults. (Mental Health Foundation)


Challenge Brief

 The solution? 


Your challenge is to: 

Identify ways of better promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing for young people aged 16-25. Think of a product or service which: raises awareness of mental health issues, looks to change attitudes to mental health by tackling stigma and discrimination, provides ways of improving mental well-being or preventing mental health issues developing or support the carers or family of a young people with mental health issues. 


What will judges be looking for?

Judges will be looking for influence on the business idea from your subject area/of study as well as ideas on how you would market/advertise your product or service.


It is important that your business idea can make money

Whilst it is important that your business idea can make money, the winning idea will not be the one which could make the most money. Judges will be looking for creativity in your business ideas. Ideas which potentially have the biggest impact on the awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the 16-25 age range will score higher with those proposing products or services to support young people at risk of deteriorating mental health; scoring even higher.

What you need to submit


Business Plan

Your idea - Be clear, make sure you explain it clearly. How will you market your idea (eg social media)? SWOT analysis? USP? Target market. What competition already exists?


Money Matters

How much will you charge for the product/service?  How does it compare with your competitors?  Cashflow forecast: How much money do you expect to make in the first year? 
What do you need to start the business and how much will it all cost? (start-up costs). Where will you get the money from to start the business? 


Five minute sales pitch

Sell your idea in a 5-minute Dragons Den style pitch (you are allowed to use video, music, drama, discussion or's up to you!)  Bring the idea to life for the judges?  Be asinnovative, original and inspiring as you like? but remember to stick to the time allowed!

How to enter

Use the code below to enrol onto the
Enterprise Challenge Google Classroom